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Anhui Liqiang Textile Technology Co., LTD
Suzhou Lixiong Textile Co., Ltd. is a combination of industry and trade enterprises, as a branch of Wujiang Liming Textile Co., Ltd., the company was initially established in the "silk capital"-Shengze, after the completion of the factory office building to move to Wujiang Pingwang. Mainly to luggage cloth and finished fabric sales. Our company cooperates with a number of well-known domestic luggage companies and includes a number of listed companies. With the expansion of the size of the company, the company's sales are also increasing, and production and sales are gradually closer to internationalization. At the end of 2018, Mr. Zhang Lianmin, chairman of our company, went to Langxi County, Anhui Province, bought 69000㎡ of land to expand production, established Anhui Liqiang Textile Technology Co., Ltd., and began to build the plant at the beginning of 2019. OEM Polyester Filament Fabric Manufacturers and OEM Custom Polyester Oxford Fabric Company in China. And in July 2020, 10 standard factories were completed and put into production, and the production capacity was significantly doubled. Our company passed the GRS qualification certification in 2019, and devoted ourselves to the initial review stage of OK-TEX100 research and development. We will continue to expand and strengthen ourselves, and always stay at the forefront of the industry.With the expansion of market competitiveness, our company is also constantly improving and breaking through itself. On the basis of conventional Oxford cloth, polyester taffeta, pongee and jeanette, we are still researching and developing new varieties, trying to develop fabrics that are more contemporary and in line with the public's aesthetics.
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Polyester Filament Fabric Industry knowledge
Polyester filament fabric is a type of textile made from polyester fibers that are continuous, long, and smooth. Unlike staple fibers, which are short and come in discrete lengths, filament fibers are continuous and can be spun together to create long threads or yarns.
Polyester is a synthetic polymer made from petroleum-derived chemicals. It is a popular choice for fabric production due to its various desirable properties, including:
Strength and durability: Polyester filament fabric is known for its strength and resistance to wear and tear. It can withstand repeated use and washing without losing its shape or color.
Quick-drying: Polyester has low water absorbency, which means it dries relatively quickly compared to natural fibers like cotton.
Wrinkle resistance: Polyester fibers are inherently wrinkle-resistant, making polyester filament fabrics less prone to wrinkling or creasing.
Easy care: This type of fabric is easy to care for, requiring minimal ironing and maintaining its appearance after washing.
Lightweight: Polyester filament fabric is lightweight and can be used in a variety of applications without adding excess weight.
Versatility: Polyester filament fabrics can be woven or knit into various textures and patterns, offering a wide range of design options for clothing, home textiles, and industrial uses.
Color retention: Polyester holds dye well, resulting in vibrant and long-lasting colors.
Because of its characteristics, polyester filament fabric is commonly used in the fashion industry for clothing such as dresses, shirts, and activewear. It is also utilized in home textiles like bed linens, curtains, and upholstery. Additionally, polyester filament fabrics find applications in industrial uses, including ropes, conveyor belts, and geotextiles.

What is the color fastness and fade resistance of polyester jacquard fabric?
Polyester jacquard fabric generally exhibits good colorfastness and fade resistance, which are important characteristics for fabrics used in home decor and upholstery applications. Here's an overview of these properties:
Colorfastness: Colorfastness refers to a fabric's ability to retain its color without fading or bleeding when exposed to various factors, such as light, washing, or exposure to environmental conditions. Polyester, as a synthetic material, is known for its excellent colorfastness. It is less likely to fade or change color compared to some natural fibers. This means that the colors of polyester jacquard fabric are more stable and less susceptible to fading or shifting over time.
Fade Resistance: Fade resistance specifically pertains to a fabric's ability to maintain its color when exposed to sunlight or UV (ultraviolet) radiation. Polyester jacquard fabric tends to be more resistant to fading due to UV exposure than certain natural fibers, such as silk or cotton. This makes it a suitable choice for curtains, drapes, and upholstery in areas with significant sunlight exposure.
It's important to note that while polyester offers good fade resistance, prolonged and intense exposure to direct sunlight can still lead to some degree of fading over time. To further enhance the fade resistance of polyester jacquard fabric, you can consider the following:
Use of Lining: Adding a lining to curtains or drapes made from polyester jacquard fabric can provide an additional layer of protection against UV radiation and enhance fade resistance.
UV-Protective Coatings: Some fabrics are treated with UV-protective coatings or finishes that offer enhanced resistance to fading. These coatings can be applied to further safeguard the fabric's colors.
Rotate and Rearrange: If possible, periodically rotate or rearrange furniture and curtains to distribute sunlight exposure evenly, reducing the likelihood of fading in specific areas.