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Twill fabric, also known as twill fabric, is a cotton fabric with a twill weave of two upper and lower layers and a 45 degree left diagonal. 290T Polyester Twill Fabric is one common kind of this fabric. After dyeing, coating, TPU, printing, waterproofing, flame retardant and other post-processingUsed for casual wear, sportswear, down jackets, outdoor sportswear, business attire, windbreaker, special clothing (military uniform, police uniform, traffic uniform, special industry work uniform), work clothes, fashion, bags, raincoats, tents, shoes and hats, gloves, home textiles, etc.
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Suzhou Lixiong Textile Co., Ltd. is a combination of industry and trade enterprises, as a branch of Wujiang Liming Textile Co., Ltd., the company was initially established in the "silk capital"-Shengze, after the completion of the factory office building to move to Wujiang Pingwang. Mainly to luggage cloth and finished fabric sales. Our company cooperates with a number of well-known domestic luggage companies and includes a number of listed companies. With the expansion of the size of the company, the company's sales are also increasing, and production and sales are gradually closer to internationalization. At the end of 2018, Mr. Zhang Lianmin, chairman of our company, went to Langxi County, Anhui Province, bought 69000㎡ of land to expand production, established Anhui Liqiang Textile Technology Co., Ltd., and began to build the plant at the beginning of 2019. Wholesale 290T Polyester twill fabric Suppliers and Factory in China. And in July 2020, 10 standard factories were completed and put into production, and the production capacity was significantly doubled.
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What materials are used in 290T Polyester twill fabric to achieve lighter weight?
To achieve a lighter weight in 290T Polyester Twill Fabric, manufacturers typically focus on several key factors and material choices:
Denier of Polyester Yarns: The denier rating of the polyester yarns used in the fabric plays a significant role in determining its weight. To achieve a lighter weight, finer and lower-denier polyester yarns are selected. For example, using polyester yarns with a denier rating less than 290 will result in a lighter fabric.
Weave Density: The density of the twill weave pattern can be adjusted to influence the fabric's weight. A less dense weave with fewer yarns per square inch results in a lighter fabric. However, this may also affect the fabric's overall strength and durability.
Polyester Fiber Type: Manufacturers may choose specific types of polyester fibers that are inherently lighter in weight. For example, using high-tenacity polyester fibers with a focus on reducing weight can result in a lighter fabric while maintaining strength.
Thinner Coatings or Treatments: If the fabric requires additional treatments or coatings for specific properties (such as water resistance or UV protection), manufacturers may opt for thinner or lightweight coatings to minimize the added weight.
Blending with Other Fibers: In some cases, manufacturers may blend polyester with other lightweight fibers such as nylon or microfiber to create a lighter fabric with unique characteristics. This blend can offer a balance between weight reduction and performance.
Fabric Construction: The construction of the fabric, including the number of layers, can impact its weight. Single-layer fabrics are generally lighter than multi-layer constructions.
Dyeing Techniques: The method used for dyeing the fabric can also influence its weight. Some dyeing techniques may add minimal weight, while others may contribute to a heavier finish.
Finishing Processes: The finishing processes applied to the fabric after weaving can affect its weight. Manufacturers may opt for lighter finishing treatments or minimize additional coatings to reduce weight.
It's important to note that achieving a lighter weight in fabric often involves a trade-off with other properties such as durability, strength, and certain performance characteristics. Therefore, the specific choice of materials and manufacturing techniques should align with the intended use and performance requirements of the fabric.
Additionally, the "290T" denier rating in the fabric's name refers to the thickness or density of the polyester yarns, and while it provides an indication of the fabric's overall weight, other factors like those mentioned above also contribute to the fabric's actual weight and feel.
What home decorations can 290T Polyester twill fabric be used to create?
290T Polyester Twill Fabric can be used to create a variety of home decorations and furnishings due to its combination of strength, texture, and versatility. Here are some home decoration items that can be crafted using this fabric:
Curtains and Draperies: The elegant twill texture of this fabric makes it suitable for creating curtains and draperies. It adds a touch of sophistication to window treatments.
Decorative Pillows: Craft decorative pillows or cushion covers with 290T Polyester Twill Fabric to enhance the visual appeal of sofas, chairs, and beds. The textured surface can add interest to the decor.
Table Linens: Design tablecloths, table runners, placemats, and napkins using this fabric. It's durable and can withstand the rigors of everyday dining.
Upholstery: For smaller upholstery projects, consider using this fabric for dining chair seat covers, stool cushions, or bench seating. The fabric's strength and texture can be a valuable addition to furniture.
Wall Hangings: Create wall hangings or tapestries with intricate designs and patterns using 290T Polyester Twill Fabric. The textured surface adds depth and visual interest to wall decor.
Throw Blankets: Craft lightweight throw blankets for draping over sofas, chairs, or the foot of the bed. The fabric's texture can make these blankets both functional and decorative.
Decorative Table Runners: Make table runners to add a touch of elegance to dining tables or coffee tables. The twill pattern adds a unique texture to the decor.
Accent Chair Covers: Create slipcovers or accent chair covers using this fabric to refresh the look of chairs or accent pieces in your home.
Draped Canopies: Fashion draped canopy designs above beds or cribs using 290T Polyester Twill Fabric for a luxurious and stylish effect.
Customized Banners: Design customized banners or wall hangings for special occasions, events, or personal statements.
Duvet Covers: For a lightweight bedding option, consider making duvet covers or comforter covers using this fabric. The texture can add visual interest to the bedroom decor.
Pillow Shams: Coordinate pillow shams with your bedding or decor theme using 290T Polyester Twill Fabric.
Throw Pillow Covers: Craft throw pillow covers with unique patterns and designs to change the look of your living space easily.
Bed Skirts: Design bed skirts that match or complement your bedding ensemble, adding a finishing touch to the bedroom decor.
Holiday Decorations: Use this fabric for creating holiday-themed decorations such as tree skirts, tablecloths, and seasonal wall hangings.