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Nylon spinning is a type of silk fabric made of nylon filaments, also known as nylon spinning. There are two types: medium thick (80g/m2) and thin (40g/m2).190T Nylon Spinning Fabric is the thin one. Nylon yarn has a soft and smooth feel, lightweight but solid and wear-resistant, bright color, easy to clean, and dries quickly. Due to its elasticity, it has good flexibility and sag. After coating and finishing, it can be made into skiing clothes, raincoats, umbrella surfaces, and other items.
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Anhui Liqiang Textile Technology Co., LTD
Suzhou Lixiong Textile Co., Ltd. is a combination of industry and trade enterprises, as a branch of Wujiang Liming Textile Co., Ltd., the company was initially established in the "silk capital"-Shengze, after the completion of the factory office building to move to Wujiang Pingwang. Mainly to luggage cloth and finished fabric sales. Our company cooperates with a number of well-known domestic luggage companies and includes a number of listed companies. With the expansion of the size of the company, the company's sales are also increasing, and production and sales are gradually closer to internationalization. At the end of 2018, Mr. Zhang Lianmin, chairman of our company, went to Langxi County, Anhui Province, bought 69000㎡ of land to expand production, established Anhui Liqiang Textile Technology Co., Ltd., and began to build the plant at the beginning of 2019. Wholesale 190T Nylon spinning fabric Suppliers and Factory in China. And in July 2020, 10 standard factories were completed and put into production, and the production capacity was significantly doubled.
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Does 190T Nylon spinning fabric have an advantage in carrying volume?
Yes, 190T Nylon Spinning Fabric is advantageous in terms of carrying volume, especially for outdoor gear and clothing. Here's why it's preferred for its compactness and packability:
Lightweight: Nylon Spinning Fabric is known for its lightweight properties. It's significantly lighter than many other materials, such as cotton or heavier synthetic fabrics. This reduced weight means that outdoor gear made from 190T Nylon is easier to carry, whether it's a backpack, tent, or clothing.
Packability: Nylon Spinning Fabric can be folded, rolled, or compressed into a compact form without taking up much space. This is a significant advantage for outdoor enthusiasts who need to carry their gear in backpacks, especially when hiking, camping, or traveling.
Resilience: Despite its lightweight nature, 190T Nylon Spinning Fabric is resilient and can withstand being packed tightly without losing its shape or integrity. It's often used for stuff sacks, storage bags, and carrying cases to organize and transport gear efficiently.
Duffel Bags and Backpacks: Nylon Spinning Fabric is commonly used in the construction of duffel bags, backpacks, and other travel bags. Its lightweight and packable characteristics make it ideal for creating bags that can accommodate a variety of items while remaining easy to carry.
Tents and Shelters: Many lightweight and backpacking tents are made from 190T Nylon Spinning Fabric because it allows campers to carry a full shelter in a relatively compact package. This is especially valuable when backpack space is limited.
Outerwear and Clothing: Outdoor clothing made from 190T Nylon is often designed to be packable. Rain jackets, windbreakers, and insulated jackets can be folded into their own pockets or storage pouches, making them convenient to carry when not in use.
Travel Gear: Luggage and travel accessories made from 190T Nylon Spinning Fabric are popular choices for travelers who want lightweight and space-efficient options.
Stuff Sacks and Compression Bags: 190T Nylon Spinning Fabric is commonly used for stuff sacks and compression bags that allow users to compactly pack clothing, sleeping bags, and other gear.

Is 190T Nylon spinning fabric strong enough to withstand the various frictions found in outdoor environments?
190T Nylon Spinning Fabric is reasonably strong and can withstand many of the frictions and stresses encountered in outdoor environments. However, its strength can vary depending on factors such as the specific weave, denier rating, and any additional coatings or treatments applied to the fabric. Here are some considerations:
Weave and Denier: The strength of Nylon Spinning Fabric is influenced by its denier rating and the tightness of its weave. Higher denier fabrics are generally stronger, while a tighter weave enhances durability. Fabrics with a higher denier rating are better suited for heavy-duty outdoor applications.
Coatings and Treatments: Many Nylon Spinning Fabrics are treated with coatings like PU (polyurethane) or silicone to enhance their strength and water resistance. These coatings can also add abrasion resistance.
Tear Resistance: While Nylon is strong in terms of tensile strength (resistance to pulling), it may be less tear-resistant. However, fabrics designed for outdoor use often incorporate tear-resistant properties to withstand abrasion.
Abrasion Resistance: Nylon Spinning Fabric can be abrasion-resistant, depending on its construction and finish. Fabrics used in backpacks, tents, and outdoor clothing are often designed with abrasion resistance in mind to endure contact with rough surfaces.
Reinforcements: Some outdoor gear and clothing incorporate reinforced areas or patches made from stronger materials, such as Cordura or heavier denier nylon, to withstand high-friction areas.
Proper Care: Proper care and maintenance, including avoiding sharp objects and excessive abrasion, can help prolong the life of Nylon Spinning Fabric in outdoor gear and clothing.